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Meet Robert!

Meet Robert!

Meet Robert!

Because we are honoring dads in celebration of Father’s Day, we want to acknowledge that holidays like this are not easy for everyone, especially if you’ve lost someone you loved.

Robert lost his Dad to cancer. Robert shared with us that the two of them did many things together. They went grocery shopping, walked the track at the U of I Armory, and they watched basketball together. Robert especially remembers enjoying watching the NCAA Final Four with his Dad. He said that’s one thing he doesn’t do now. “It’s too hard to watch it without my Dad,” he said.

He said that to remember his Dad, he tries to stay healthy and keep a positive attitude. He thinks it’s also important to not get too stressed out. He still walks, and he goes to the gym at the Stephens Family YMCA now. He also has many interests and friends. He likes to travel to see his sisters. He works at Walgreens and is interested in medical research. Robert hopes that someday there will be a cure found for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. When talking with Robert’s Mom, Carol, about the many things she appreciated about her husband, Robert’s Dad, she impressed upon us how important it is not to take your family members for granted. “Sometimes, you don’t realize how much someone does for you, until they’re not with you anymore. Appreciate your family while you have them with you.”

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