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Meet Caregivers Connections!

Meet Caregivers Connections!

Meet Caregiver Connections!

This week we are highlighting one of our Family Development Programs, Caregiver Connections:



Discover Family Development: Caregiver Connections

Free Support for Childcare Providers

Supporting the Social-Emotional Development of Young Children

This unique, free support program helps child care providers recognize, understand, and respond to the social emotional needs of the children, birth through age five, in their care.


We support Childcare Providers by:

Strengthening skills to support a child’s healthy social emotional development.

Offering support in collaboration between providers and parents.

Helping look at the child in a holistic view.

Providing timely, helpful training.

Referring families to other services when needed.


Caregiver Connections offers a wide range of services and supports at no cost to those caring for and educating children, including:

Consultation with caring, experienced professionals – either in person or by phone

New ideas that can help children develop appropriate social and emotional skills

Support and training that equips you to deal confidently with difficult situations when working with staff and/or families

Connections to screening resources that can identify developmental problems early

Referrals to evaluation and family services


For more information about the Family Development Center please call the Director of the Family Development Center, Nicole Sikora at (217) 356-9176.

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