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Meet Kelli!

Meet Kelli!

In June of 2019, Kelli Martin will celebrate her 19th year of employment with DSC. She is the Training Coordinator, as well as the Behavior Support Chair (BSC) and the OIG Liaison. Her role is to ensure that staff are trained according to the Department of Human Services guidelines, as well information that DSC deems important for employees to have.

Beyond Kelli’s role as an employee, she is also a volunteer, at DSC and in the community at large. She has volunteered to do many tasks at DSC fundraising events including selling tickets, working check-in and helping self-advocates to sell event merchandise.

Employees who work for a non-profit already give a lot, so it can feel like there isn’t much time or energy left to volunteer, so we asked Kelli why she continues to volunteer. “It’s fun and I like being around co-workers in an environment outside of work. Sometimes I will sign-up to volunteer alone, instead of with a friend or co-worker. This allows me the opportunity to meet people that partner with DSC. It’s great to engage with the public at events and have the opportunity to share the DSC mission. I love when they ask you what the money is going towards and I get to tell them what DSC is all about. I also don’t volunteer for everything, but pick and choose what I enjoy the most.”

As an example, Kelli helps support, or helps with The Prompting Theater at DSC, which matches her love for theater. She has also been a member of the Champaign-Urbana Junior Woman’s Club (CUJWC) since 2001. The CUJWC has a long-standing history with DSC, and their core mission involves partnering with organizations that work with women, children and people with disabilities.

Outside of Kelli’s work and volunteering activities, she likes watching and participating in theater. Her favorite way to relax is on the beach, while reading a book with a medical-themed storyline.