What is LEAP?

LEAP is a disability awareness training for Champaign County employers. LEAP training was designed with hiring managers, HR officers, and owners in mind and focuses on the employer benefits of disability-inclusive employment. In addition, Frontline Staff Training has been created for frontline staff and shift supervisors and focuses more on how to be a supportive teammate for an employee or customer with disabilities.

These free, one-hour programs are presented by DSC and Community Choices and is grant funded through the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board. To learn more or to schedule a training, contact Melissa Goldman at mgoldman@dsc-illinois.org or (217) 356-9176.

Click the links below to see our growing list of LEAP-trained employers, visit the Champaign County Directory of Disability Inclusive Employers Website, or listen to the LEAP podcast.

LEAP to New Levels! Schedule your LEAP Training today!

  • Raise employment standards in Champaign County
  • Improve morale among existing staff
  • Learn more about becoming an inclusive employer
  • Increase your pool of hiring candidates
  • Set the bar for other business leaders in our community

Contact DSC LEAP Coordinator, Melissa Goldman at mgoldman@dsc-illinois.org or (217) 356-9176.