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Meet Rose!

This week we’re featuring employee, Rose Wells who has been working in residential services for eight years, including her time at DSC and another organization. After working in a manufacturing setting for nine years, she decided to pursue more meaningful work, when she had the opportunity. Rose grew up with a sister who had disabilities and thought it was a career she might enjoy. “I loved it. It was so rewarding. I’m actually old enough to retire, but I’m not ready to quit working yet,” said Rose.

As a House Manager, Rose, supports staff in whatever ways might be needed. She runs programs and provides support for the people who receive DSC services. “We may assist socially, or with finances and shopping. As much as possible, we offer support and try not to do it for them. I think that’s really important. We don’t want them to get overwhelmed, but they learn best when they are able to do things for themselves. People often underestimate how much they are able to do.” Rose said she also spends time communicating with parents and guardians, as well as making sure that the house is managed as it should be. “It needs to be clean and stocked with groceries,” she said.

“I think it helped me to have a sister with disabilities. I watched my mom struggle with putting her in a group home, but then my sister loved it. She learned to do things we wouldn’t ever let her do when she lived at home.” Rose also explained that a lot has changed since she and her sister were growing up. “Back then, the homes were more like institutions, with more residents. Today, at the DSC home where I work, we have six residents. They each have their own room and it’s a home comparable to something you or I would live in.”

If you’re considering a career at DSC, Rose gave us a snapshot of her most successful staff members: “Employees that fit the DSC culture talk to those who receive our services like they would their neighbor, or a friend. They take pride in what they do, they’re teachable and have a strong work ethic.”