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Meet Taylor!

Meet Taylor!

Taylor is a 27-year-old woman, and has been working in the retail industry for over 5 years. While still in high school, Taylor set goals for moving out of her family home. Her mom, Janice, recounts hearing Taylor declare, “When I turn 25, I will move into my own apartment.” To make this possible, Taylor and her family enlisted the help of DSC’s Community Living Program. The first time an apartment became available to her, the timing didn’t feel quite right. She wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Taylor decided to pass on the opportunity and she made the decision to continue to prepare for living on her own. She realized that passing up the apartment would mean that she would have to wait for a while for the next one to open up.

She was right. It was a few years before another apartment did open up, but when it did, Taylor was ready to say “yes,” and she did. “I like being able to do whatever I want,” Taylor told us. “I also like that we have bingo, pizza and Jimmy Johns sometimes,” referencing one of the holiday parties that was held at her apartment complex. Taylor also got engaged about six months ago, when her then boyfriend of three years proposed to her on the carousel at Market Place Mall. 

Janice, shared, “Taylor’s move has been a wonderful learning and growing experience for her. She has gained confidence, has continued to mature, and has been very successful in her new home. We could not be prouder of her! Now, it is time to meet her next goal – to get married at 30! Her plans always included moving out of our home at 25-years old and getting married at 30. It is very exciting to watch her blossom.”

During this season of COVID-19, Taylor has spent time visiting her immediate family, sheltering in-place in her home and she has also worked. Taylor said she’s spent most of the time in her own apartment, watching TV and has enjoyed ordering Jimmy Johns and talking to her family on FaceTime. “The hardest thing is wearing a mask and when I’m not able to work,” said Taylor.

Taylor receives residential services through DSC’s Community Living program which provides varied levels of support, depending on the person’s needs. DSC Apartment Services offers support that meets the individual needs of each person. DSC’s Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)s program offers more individualized support that also meets the needs of each person.