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Meet Kevin!

Meet Kevin!

Kevin has worked in the dining services at Carle for about two years. Similar to other essential workers in our local community, Kevin has continued to work throughout COVID-19.

Prior to starting his position at Carle, Kevin worked in retail, but has found more success in his current role. According to Kevin, working in dining services at Carle allows him to focus on his job more. “I enjoy my co-workers here and like my supervisor. I just like to get the job done and then it’s time to go home,” said Kevin. He also said he tries to take more initiative. “Before I clock-in each morning, I ask the supervisors, ‘Are there any pots you need me to pick-up? Do I need to go get any silverware?’ I find out what they need me to do.”

“He has taken the disruption of the 8-month reconstruction and the COVID-19 implications for everyone who works at alongside him in stride. He’s also stepped up his professionalism on the job,” said DSC Employment Services Director, Annette Becherer.

Kevin said that one of his goals is to go back to school someday. He hopes to take classes and work as a coach, or in sports medicine. “This job is just one step to get me headed in the right direction,” said Kevin. His interest in coaching and sports stems from his history in athletics. Growing up, he participated in several sports, including wrestling, basketball, football, softball and track. He’s also been an athlete with CUSR (Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation) and Special Olympics. Aside from sports, Kevin also enjoys vacationing with his family.