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We Love You Mom!

DSC employee with his mom

WE LOVE YOU MOM! We are continuing the celebration of moms and mother figures throughout the month of May!

Enjoy these quotes about moms from DSC staff and participants:


Brad -“I miss my Mom. I wish she could see how great her grandkids have turned out.”


Maggie-“My Mom is the best role model. She taught me to put others before myself.”


A.J.-“I have a lot of respect for my Mom. She raised me by herself, and even during a career transition, she always made sure I had what I needed.”


Clifford-“My Mom always told me that if I want to have good friends, or a great wife, then I need to be a great man.”


Shondra-“I’m going to dinner with Mom on Mother’s Day. My Mom is good.”


Danielle W-“My Mom is nice. She walks with a cane and volunteers. She does a lot to help me and my nephews.”


Faith-“I love my Mom. She is a very special person. She takes me shopping. She’s a very nice person.”


Donte-“I help my Mom out, and she helps me out. I love her to death, and try to be there for her.”


Missy-“I’m grateful for my Mom. She supported me so much while I raised my daughter.”


Jeri-“My Mom is the best Mom. She works very hard at it.”


Retha-“My Mom is the best Mom ever. She helped me transition here from Iowa. She inspires me a whole lot. I appreciate her so much. She’s so full of wisdom, and knowledge. I love her a whole lot!”