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We Love our Dads!

DSC employee with their Dad


We are honoring Dads and recognizing all they do to support their families! Enjoy these quotes about dads from DSC employees:

“My Dad always says ‘do what you think is best,’ great advice, and keeps you thinking all of the time.” –Kyla Ray

Two things my Dad used to say:

"Never stoop for anybody. If they want you, they will rise for you.”

"Don’t let the world see you cry.”

–SeVonnah Bokins

“My Dad is one of my biggest supporters. I’ve had a million different dreams, and he’s encouraged each and every one of them. He filled my childhood with music and inspires me to travel whenever possible. I can never thank him enough for how he’s lifted me to be the person I am today.”

 –Kimberlie Taylor

“My Dad says that he likes the Illinois landscape ‘because there's nothing to get in the way of all that beauty.’ I know exactly what he means. I feel the same.”

–Jess Byler

“I'm 100% a daddy's girl (even though I look just like my mom!) and I'm proud to share some of my father's best qualities- quietly funny, doing things the right way the first time, tenacity, and a healthy dose of stubbornness which has helped me through some really hard times. He fostered my love of '57 Chevys, roller skating, fireworks, and the ocean. Most importantly, he taught me the importance of service to others without any expectation of getting something in return. He would say, ‘You do it because it is the right thing to do’.”

-Kelli Martin

“My Dad passed away suddenly in 2011 at the young age of 60.  I can still hear his voice now and again.  ‘Don’t forget to check the oil, don’t forget to rotate the tires and it’s fine to eat ice cream as a midnight snack.’ He was a character but he taught me what dads are supposed to teach you.  He tried the whole fishing thing but I was too “girly” for that lol. However, now I fish and camp and all the things he loved to do…” –Michelle Trowbridge