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Meet Jim and Patty!

Our Nation’s Independence Day encourages us all to pause and reflect on the importance of our own freedom and independence. As we embark on DSC’s 50th year of providing services to children, their families, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have much to celebrate. DSC continues to make a significant impact in the lives of those we serve and in our community. We invite you to celebrate along with us as we begin our 50th year of Celebrating Independence!

DSC supports people in living a rich and meaningful life as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities strive to reach their personal life and employment goals and dreams. We are proud to provide customized services to approximately 1,100 children and adults so that each person receives services and supports tailored to meet their desired goals. With personalized support, everyone can achieve greater levels of independence…just like Jim and Patty.

Patty and Jim Kincaid each began receiving services from DSC over 25 years ago. The couple met while living at C-U Independence (CUI), DSC’s 24-Unit apartment complex in Urbana. “We went on our first date to McDonald’s. The second date, he asked me to marry him. I thought he would make a good husband,” said Patty. “She’s smart, funny, and friendly, so I asked her to marry me,” said Jim. It was a memorable time for DSC’s Community Living staff who have fond memories of being involved with Patty and Jim’s wedding. Upon getting married, the couple moved out of CUI and into their own apartment, where they continue to receive support through DSC’s Community Living program, as well as job coaching through the Employment Services program.

After working in one job for over 10 years, Jim recently pursued a career change and accepted a new position with Caterpillar. Patty worked in the pet grooming business for a few years, before she began a new job at Culver’s in Urbana this year.

Annette Becherer, Director of Employment Services at DSC, says, “It’s been such a pleasure to watch Jim and Patty grow as individuals and as a couple. They have supported each other and the life they share is a testament to their commitment to each other.” Offering some insight into how they divide responsibilities, Patty shared, “We trade off chores. He cleans the bathroom and I clean the kitchen. We also take turns taking the dog out.”

Together, and with support from DSC, they have moved into a new apartment to realize their goal of owning a pit bull puppy, and have recently purchased a vehicle. Jim and Patty will soon be celebrating their Silver Anniversary with a dinner out at the Olive Garden. What’s next for the happy couple? They plan to buy their dream home. “We’d like a house with a backyard, fence, and a garage,” said Jim. “…And a dog house,” added Patty.

Many people throughout our community desire this same opportunity to receive customized services and supports that have helped Jim and Patty to enjoy the quality of life that everyone deserves. As DSC continues our efforts to impact more lives like Jim and Patty’s, we ask for your financial support to help us offer greater independence for all who receive, and are in need of DSC services.

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