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Celebrating 50 Years of Creating Independence - Holly Jordan

Teola Trowbridge, Dale Morrissey, and Holly Jordan at Jordan House Dedication

Holly Jordan, a past Board member, is one of the dedicated leaders who worked tirelessly on the “Vote Yes” campaign to establish the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board in 2004.

Holly first learned about DSC in the early 1970’s. She said, “If you live here and you are paying attention, you know about DSC.” When she started her law practice in 1980, Holly worked on guardianship cases for adults with disabilities, and that became her niche. After serving nine years on the Board of Directors for A Women’s Fund, she joined the Board of Directors for the Champaign County Mental Health Board. Being a board member for CCMHB helped Holly “learn a lot about all the local agencies (including DSC), funding, and how it all works.”

Following her time on the Champaign County Mental Health Board, Holly joined the DSC Board of Directors. Shortly after joining, CEO Dale Morrissey asked her and Teola Trowbridge to co-chair the steering committee to lead the effort to establish the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board (CCDDB). After the referendum passed, Holly served on the CCDDB for several terms.

One of Holly’s most memorable moments with DSC was Election Night 2004. She said, “Being out at Brookens with the media lurking around and wanting to talk about it…we thought it was going to pass, but had no idea it would pass like it did. It passed, I think with about 65% of the vote; nothing gets 65% of the vote! We were all really proud and thrilled about the whole experience.”

The greatest need at the time was housing for people with disabilities in the community; some had been on wait lists for 15 years. The CCDDB provided funding for two Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) to be built. The homes were dedicated in Holly and Teola’s honor for their advocacy and leadership on the “Vote Yes” campaign. Holly is pictured here at the dedication with Dale Morrissey and Teola Trowbridge (left).

About her time on the DSC board of directors, Holly stated, “I learned so much from DSC. I learned what an agency really should look like and how it should run. And I learned the importance of keeping your eye on the bottom line. DSC is more conscious of finances than any other agency I was ever around. And DSC is very, very good at community relations, which is just so critical.”

We are so grateful for Holly and all she has done for DSC. DSC would not be where we are today without her support, dedication, and passion.