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Mission Monday: Respite Care a “Game Changer” for The Etheridge Family

For this year’s Tree of Hope Spokesfamily, the Etheridge family, respite care has been a game changer. Mom, Jessica shares, “When we got connected with DSC for respite care, it was so helpful to know there are professional providers that would come and play with the boys or play with Avonlea, just to give me a chance to take a little nap or to cook dinner or for us to get a chance to go on a walk together. Respite and that relief through DSC has been incredible.” 

Respite is a special name for a short-term break for caregivers. When you look after someone who has a disability, it’s a 24-hour job. The caregiver needs a break from time to time to look after their own or their family’s needs. 

If you would like to help DSC provide more families with respite opportunities, donate to the Tree of Hope at https://www.dsc-illinois.org/get_involved/donate.html!

And if you would like to learn more about Respite Services at DSC, contact Heather Levingston, Director of Case Management/Family Support Services at 217-356-9176 or hlevingston@dsc-illinois.org.