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Mission Monday: Physical Therapy with Avonlea

Last week, we shared about speech therapy sessions with Tree of Hope Spokesfamily member, Avonlea. This week, let’s learn about her physical therapy sessions with DSC Physical Therapist, Paige Raab.

Avonlea began physical therapy with Paige when she was just a few months old. As a pediatric physical therapist, Paige’s job is to work with children and their families to help support their child's gross motor milestones. Gross motor skills are big movements, such as rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, jumping, climbing, kicking, and throwing.

Physical therapy sessions with Avonlea included working on head and trunk control, positioning for play, and playing in a variety of positions (floor play, sitting, hands and knees, and standing). Paige also worked with her on developing strength through her arms and legs. Towards the end of their time together as she transitioned to preschool, Avonlea's family and Paige worked together to get appropriate equipment to support Avonlea at home, at school, and in the community. 

Paige shared, “As a physical therapist, I tend to be very go-go-go and goal oriented. I want to get in to a session, work hard the entire time, and accomplish the goals that we set. Avonlea is a professional cuddler. She has a way of just melting into your arms, and you can't help but slow down, smile, and be present in the moment. She taught me that while goals and working hard are an important part of physical therapy, sometimes connection is more important.”

If you would like to help DSC provide more families with physical therapy opportunities, we invite you to donate to the Tree of Hope by visiting https://bit.ly/3i4Ompm.

To learn more about Early Intervention physical therapy, contact DSC Family Development Director, Nicole Smith at nsmith@dsc-illinois.org or (217) 356-9176.