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Mission Monday: Sewing with Love

As DSC is always looking to provide opportunities for individuals to use their creativity and help open doors for the future, our Community First team recently started a new group, called Hook, Loom, & Stitch. The group came together from a passion for yarn and sewing. They are currently learning to sew and have two brand new Singer sewing machines on which to learn. 

Since each member of our Hook, Loom, & Stitch group has a variety of abilities, they learn from each other and teach each other new things along the way. One of the goals of the group is to soon be able to sew the costumes and props for our Theater group’s upcoming performances.

One member of the Hook, Loom, & Stitch group, Carol, loves to be creative and is fearless and willing to try anything. She started with rubber looms, tried crochet, and recently expressed interest in learning the sewing machine. She has many projects in mind! Group leader and Community First DSP, Christina Wooley shared, “Carol gains satisfaction in learning a new skill, and she has really found her niche with sewing. She enjoys having the ability to share and sell items she’s made in the community and also loves teaching her friends what she has learned!”

Christina adds, “Carol has really found a craft she can be proud of—one that comes easy to her and matches her creativity. I can see so much potential in her sewing and plan to watch her flourish!” 

Again, we thank the Junior League of Champaign-Urbana for choosing DSC as one of their Community Assistance Fund Grant recipients. With the funding, we were able to purchase two new Singer Patchwork sewing machines, as well as four crank knitting machines [which will be helpful for people in the group (and in our Community Day Services program) with limited mobility and dexterity] and other sewing and knitting supplies.