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Mission Monday: Summer Fun with Developmental Playgroups

We have been having a blast at our Summer Developmental Playgroups at the Rantoul Sports Complex Splash Pad and Hessel Park! The groups offer children opportunities to practice various developmental skills alongside peers, including sensory play, motor skills, and social skills.

Children have loved sensory play, which has included water play, cloud dough, Hey Clay, and bubbles. Bubbles are always a group favorite! 

Motor experiences have included practicing climbing playground equipment, crawling through a tunnel, climbing into a ball pit, throwing balls, tossing bean bags, drawing with chalk, squeezing a bottle to spray paint, picking items out of a sensory bin, and running/walking through the splash pad. 

Socially, children have had opportunities to observe others and interact with them on their own terms. They are also learning the beginning skills of taking turns with materials, an ever-important skill to learn.

For more information about our Developmental Playgroups, contact Nicole Smith, Director of Family Development, at nsmith@dsc-illinois.org or (217) 356-9176.