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Queen of Hearts

It's been over a year since we postponed the C-U Queen of Hearts Raffle at Esquire Lounge due to COVID-19.

We are happy to share we will be to restarting the current raffle in progress within the next couple of months.

Stay tuned to our website and the C-U Queen of Hearts Facebook page for updates!

 Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Esquire Lounge Jackpot Amount (minimum):


Tickets Available at Esquire Lounge

Drawings held every Tuesday at TBD

(DSC reserves the right to stop ticket sales up to a half hour before a drawing to ensure drawing happens on time, sales will resume after drawing is done)

Current Board:

The Queen of Hearts Raffle is a progressive raffle held weekly at Esquire Lounge in Downtown Champaign, IL. Every Tuesday night (time to be determined), a ticket will be drawn from those submitted over the previous week. The winning ticket gets the chance to pick one of the remaining cards on the board. If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, that person wins the jackpot! If not, the pot rolls over to the next week and all new ticket purchases are added to the total.

Tickets can be purchased at Esquire Lounge via the ticket machine by the pool tables. Tickets are $1 per ticket with no limit on the number of tickets an individual can purchase ($5 minimum on credit/debit card purchases). Each player must write their full name and telephone number on the back of each ticket along with the corresponding number of the card in the display case to be chosen on their behalf if their ticket is drawn. After each drawing, all submitted tickets from the previous week will be discarded.

The jackpot will be split 50/50 between the winner and DSC if the winner is present. In the event the winner is not present, the jackpot will be split 40/60 between the winner and DSC respectively. The portion that goes to DSC helps support our services, as well as to provide seed money for the next game. For a complete list of rules, please click the link below.

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