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Meet The Hayn Family!

Meet the Hayn Family!

Garrett, a funny, loving and kind 4-year old was born to Elizabeth and Josh Hayn in August of 2015. After a difficult season of struggling with infertility and miscarriages, they became miraculously pregnant with Garrett.

Unfortunately, the challenges continued for the Hayn family. Elizabeth had an emergency C-section at 36-weeks because there was a knot on the umbilical cord, but little Garrett Hayn was born. Garrett spent thirteen days in the NICU and needed to be tube fed.

When Elizabeth and Josh received Garrett’s diagnosis, they were not surprised and somewhat relieved because they had the information they needed to move forward. “We kind of expected it.” When they finally received the referral they needed to Developmental Pediatrics, Elizabeth said they were then able to take action and do something about what their family had been experiencing. “From there, we were connected with DSC. We jumped right in, working with Judy and then it was Early Intervention. Judy was in my house every week-she felt like family and she was my lifeline.”

Beyond administering treatments, Judy pitched in and helped them navigate the system. They began with play groups and added developmental therapy, as well as speech, physical and occupational therapies. “Judy was my rock. Garrett took to her immediately. She had a heartwarming bond with him. With Judy, her investment was always with Garret vs. ‘I’m here to do DT (developmental therapy) today,’ all the while she was also providing support to me, as Garrett’s mother.”

The family was beginning to see progress, Elizabeth told us. Garrett being non-verbal, it could be hard to see at times, but there were indicators. “I could say “Judy’s coming’ and he used to watch out the window for her to arrive.

Despite the past issues with infertility, the Hayn couple was able to conceive again following Garrett’s birth, in August of 2016. Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Everly who is three years old. Little Everly, brought a world of changes into their lives when was born. Initially they thought that she might also be struggling with delays, but with additional screening, has learned that she was imitating what she saw her older brother, Garrett doing.

“DSC really came through for us. I was a stay-at-home mom and concerned about Everly too, as well as Garrett falling behind with delays. He regressed with eye contact during that time after Everly was born. DSC saw that we needed help and got us Early Intervention and we were introduced to Agnes. We all took to her right away. Working with Agnes was critical at the time.” Through play group activities, DSC therapists demonstrated key skills, including socialization, modeling and working with other children.

“We knew, our gut instinct told us ‘something is happening here,’ He was difficult to console. We called it colic then, but now we call it sensory, or over stimulation. Even back then, it was hard, we would have to take him outside. We didn’t realize that something in our home was over stimulating him.”

Today, Garrett loves the outdoors, water, music, his grandparents, jumping and school. “He can’t wait to go back to school every day.” He is a very sweet and affectionate young man.