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Meet Early Intervention!

As part of our focus on children and the Tree of Hope Campaign, we are highlighting our Family Development Early Intervention program.

DSC’s Early Intervention is a home-based program that offers support to families of infants, toddlers, and young children who are experiencing or are at risk for delays in development. Developmental screenings occur in a variety of community settings. In current COVID times, screenings are being offered virtually. Following screenings, referrals may be made in collaboration with a range of community agencies that serve underrepresented populations. Current interventions services offered at DSC include Developmental Therapy, Speech Therapy, and PLAY Project. In addition, the program promotes parent/caregiver advocacy by “meeting families where they are at” and empowering them as the decision-maker in their child’s intervention.

Early detection and prompt, appropriate intervention can improve developmental outcomes for children with delays and disabilities, and children living in at-risk environments. Family-centered intervention maximizes the gifts and capacities of families to provide responsive intervention within familiar routines and environments. 

This year’s Tree of Hope Spokesfamily, The Herrigs, have expressed throughout the campaign, how their son, Maddon, has benefited from services provided through Early Intervention. As Megan Herrig describes in the video that captures their story, though it wasn’t initially easy to reach out for help, once they did, they learned there is hope. Maddon has a speech disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Childhood Apraxia of Speech is a lifelong speech disorder, that he may never “grow out of,” but he can overcome. Maddon’s parents, Megan and Seth thought they would never hear Maddon speak, but through therapy, were overjoyed, when they heard him speak his first words, “Mommy, I love you, too!”

“DSC gave that gift to us. DSC has given our family their time, their unbelievably amazing employees (that quickly became family), and an immeasurable number of resources. All of this dedication and generosity has allowed us to receive the gift of hearing Maddon’s voice.”

For more information about Family Development, please call the Director of Family Development, Nicole Smith at (217) 356-9176.