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March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a time when organizations around the world come together to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all areas of community life, as well as awareness to the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live. This week, our focus is on employment.

Meet Taylor!

Taylor is 25 years-old and has been working at Goodwill Industries for 4 years. When she saw her brother, Connor moving out from their family home, she felt inspired and began to think about how she could possibly move out on her own too. To make this possible, she began to have conversations with her parents and enlisted the help of DSC’s Apartment Services. The first time her name came up on the list and an apartment was open, the timing didn’t feel quite right. She wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Taylor decided to pass on the opportunity and she made the decision to continue to prepare for living on her own. She realized that passing up the apartment would mean that she would have to wait for a while for the next one to open up.

She was right. It was a few years before another apartment did open up, but when it did, Taylor was ready to say “yes,” and she did. “I like being able to do whatever I want,” Taylor told us. “I also like that we have bingo, pizza and Jimmy Johns sometimes,” referencing one of the recent holiday parties that was held at her apartment complex.

Taylor’s mom, Janice, shared, “Taylor’s move has been a wonderful learning and growing experience for her. She has gained confidence, has continued to mature, and has been very successful in her new home. We could not be more proud of her!”

Taylor lives in one of DSC’s independent living apartments. DSC residential services program offers varied levels of support, depending on the person’s needs. DSC Apartment Services offers support that meets the individual needs of each person. DSC’s Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)s program offers more individualized support that also meets the needs of each person.

If you would like more information about DSC’s program and services, please visit: www.dsc-illinois.org.


C-U in the Prairibbean and C-U Oktoberfest are already in the making for this year, and we would be sad if you didn't have them on your calendar. Whether it's a Caribbean themed party, or Bavarian pretzels and beer, we've got you covered! This year the dates are as follows:

C-U in the Prairibbean: August 3rd, 2019

C-U Oktoberfest: October 5th, 2019

Be on the lookout in the future for more information, but for now, Social and Prost!

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Transition Roundtable 2019

Want to learn about adult and transition services for individuals with disabilities in Champaign County?  Plan to attend this free, informational event on March 8th.  No need to register. Click the link below for more information.

Leaders Employing All People

LEAP Certification

DSC and Community Choices are collaborating through the creation of LEAP (Leaders Employing All People) to advance the Employment First initiative.

Rockwell Automation was one of our first LEAP trained businesses, and when asked why they decided to become LEAP trained, Ms.Marty Miner, Senior Human Resource Representative, shared, “It’s just the right thing to do.” In working to make Champaign County an even more disability inclusive community, we are offering businesses to receive this training through the hiring, or interest in hiring, people with disabilities. For more information about LEAP contact Jamika Smith Employment First/LEAP Coordinator at 356-9176 or jsmith@dsc-illinois.org.

Congratulations to the Most Recent LEAP Certified Business

Congratulations to Ace Hardware Store for becoming LEAP certified!

LEAP stands for Leaders in Employing All People and is a free, 1-hr training offered to employers to educate them on best practices for employing a person with a disability in their business. DSC offers a variety of educational resources and tools to employers. If you’d like more information, contact DSC Employment First/LEAP Coordinator, Jamika Smith at jsmith@dsc-illinois.org or 217-356-9176.

Do You Have (clean, dry) Cardboard, Papers and Magazines Cluttering Up Your House? 

Well we have just the thing for you!  DSC Business Operations center recycles all kinds of cardboard and paper - including magazines, catalogs, office paper, etc. - as part of our effort to keep the environment clean and financially support DSC's programs.  (We do not accept books at this time). 

You can bring your recyclable paper to DSC’s Business Operations at 3102 W Clark Rd in Champaign, 8am—4pm, M-F.  From Duncan, turn west onto Clark Rd (just north of Springfield).  Turn right to go behind DSC’s Business Operations facility to drop off your items at the back loading dock door.  

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