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Celebrating 50 Years of Creating Independence - Linda Bailey

Linda Bailey

Linda Bailey served on DSC’s Board of Directors from 2007 - 2020.

Linda initially connected with DSC through her work at Kraft Foods, where she worked in logistics and food production. At various times throughout the year, Kraft would market special products, such as bundles of macaroni and cheese or special pourable salad dressings. Linda said, “We would outsource the packaging, because we were unable to bundle package the products internally on our equipment. DSC was one of our approved organizations to work with, and it was easier and more affordable to work with DSC than to ship the product to Chicago. We also worked with DSC on other projects at Kraft. Ruby at DSC supervised those projects and was a gem to work with; her whole crew did an amazing job for us.”

At Kraft, Linda also worked with Teola Trowbridge, another former DSC Board Member. “At Kraft, we always volunteered for the foodbank, and the connection between the work we were doing with food production and the need for food in the community was always present. We worked with United Way, and when I worked for Teola, she always made sure we were aware of community needs. That stayed with me after I retired, so it was a natural transition for me to volunteer as a Board member at DSC,” recalls Linda.

Linda fondly remembers helping with the DSC golf outing and gathering silent auction items for C-U in the Prairibbean, back when DSC and the Eastern Illinois Parrot Heads were initially launching that event. “Liz Lindemann, Teola Trowbridge, and I would work on the [silent auction] baskets for the auction. We’d finish that, and it would be time for C-U Oktoberfest, and then Tree of Hope, and then we would do it all over again!”

Being involved with a non-profit Board of Directors often requires challenging work and thoughtful decision-making. “I can remember some tough decisions we had to really deliberate over as Board members. There were times when funding didn’t come through from the State. As a Board member, I personally felt the challenge of the lack of funding. There were not enough funds to meet all of the needs, especially given the difficult work happening.”

One of Linda’s favorite memories at DSC was attending a red-carpet affair organized by The Prompting Theater group. “All of the Board members dressed up in our formal attire and sat together. We were the cheering section. Then The Prompting Theater actors all walked down the red carpet as we cheered them on. It was a wonderful evening!” Linda said she also has many fond memories serving lunch during the Annual Holiday Party at DSC’s Clark Road location with her fellow Board members, Teola Trowbridge and Jane Webber. “I loved coming back and seeing everyone on the crew who had helped us out at Kraft; it was a great time serving and celebrating the holidays,” she said.

These days, Linda spends most of her time in Houston, Texas, enjoying her twin grandchildren. Thank you, Linda for your commitment to DSC over the years and for being a part of our journey to Celebrating 50 Years of Creating Independence!