We would like to say a huge, "thank you" to all of those in our community who came out to enjoy the 2nd Annual C-U Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 11th! We enjoyed a beautiful fall evening with traditional and lively music, local craft beer, and local cuisine! It was a wonderful event and we are looking forward to sharing with you the proceeds that resulted from this event. Stay tuned! 

We want to give a special shout-out to all our sponsors for help making this event possible!  THANK YOU!

Longitudinal Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Study (LHIDDS)

We are recruiting for UIC RRTCDD Research Project - Longitudinal Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Study (LHIDDS)

This project, which is led by Drs. Kelly Hsieh and Sandra Magaña, at the University of Illinois at Chicago, aims to engage adults (aged 18 and older) with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, caregivers, or workers – especially those from diverse backgrounds – to participate in a five year study on health behaviors by completing a survey once every two years. Upon completing each survey, a $5 Subway gift card will be given as a small token of our appreciation. We encourage you to share this opportunity with people who might be interested, as this is an important study. The more people that participate, the more we will contribute to what is known about health behaviors of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities over time.

To learn more about the study and register, please visit http://www.rrtcadd.org/research/research.html or call Sumithra Murthy at (312) 355-1396. 

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Developmental Services Center

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